Have you heard of smokejumpers?

The true test of your firefighting manhood - jumping out of a perfectly good airplane into remote, rugged, wilderness terrain, full of fire, wearing hundreds of pounds of gear, and busting your ass to put that fire out with only the tools you carried when you jumped and whatever else the plane dropped in for you before it left.

Sounds like fun, no?

According to the Forest Service:

"A smokejumper’s primary job is to suppress wildfires in remote mountainous terrain of the western United States. To do this we are self-sufficient, capable of initial attack in remote mountainous terrain, wilderness areas, rangeland and the desert southwest."

Missoula, Montana just happens to be home to one of the most active smokejumper bases in the country. If you’re ever in town, stop on by the Aerial Fire Depot at the Missoula International Airport for a tour!